Friday, November 21, 2008

One Finish and One Close to Finish

They're DONE!  Yipee!  Wow -- I finished these in 7 and a half weeks.  This has got to be an all time record for me.  Now I have to decide if I like the feel of them on my feet.  They are not knit very tightly so I can feel the threads more than commercial socks.  And, these are really thin socks while I am used to thicker ones.   I guess I will wear them a few times before I decide to make any more. 
 I do have a whole book on socks where you knit both at the same time on 2 round needles.  That could be fun.  And, it has patterns for several different weight of yarns.  

And it would be helpful knitting both at the same time -- these pretty much started out at the same color but it didn't take long until they didn't match.  Now, honestly, not too many people are going to notice and/or comment on it.  By the time I got to the one on the right I had evidently loosened my tension so much that I have several stripes more.  The top is a bit longer too.  Oh well. Done is done! 

These will be brought out to razzle dazzle the family on Thanksgiving Day.  

What else is happening around here?  I'm about done with Stripper's Mystery -- I've even got the label on it already.  If I am efficient I make a label in advance and then stitch it in by machine when I sew on the binding.  Yep, I was efficient and got the label in.  The other day I sewed the rest of the label on.  Now, I just have 1/2 the binding to turn.  This isn't all that big either so really, no excuse.  Watch for pictures tomorrow. 

And, I did what I call a sample rag quilt.  4 patches, 8" cut size of the flannel.  I decided it is a bit boring to cut out but I'm going to do it next weekend when the family is all here.  The girls are going to do some quilting while the boys do their thing which I assume is watch football on tv.  Now I am in the process  of cutting the fringe.  I need to get the spring loaded scissors -- or borrow someones if I make a whole quilt.  The sample will be hitting the washing machine with the next load if I get it done soon. (Yep, I'm planning on bagging the sucker before it goes in.) 

My next item is putting the blocks together on the mystery quilt -- it is fabulous.  I'd like to get it going so I can get some opinions from Jen regarding borders.  It's going to be a New Year's Eve Mystery Quilt over at Fabricholic Anonymous.  Check previous posts for the yahoo groups address.  No pictures until next year -- sorry!

Ok, time is a passin'.  I'm ready to finish the strippers mystery and then on to the blocks.  Oh yes, I also have a 4 patch posie I'm in the bordering stages.  I want to move one block and then get on with it.  

ENOUGH..... happy stitching all. Bonnie

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  1. I like the socks!! if your feet do not like them maybe mine would....knitting is one thing I have not learned.. maybe some day. Happy Stitching,Amy


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