Monday, November 10, 2008

Quilter's Day Out

Yesterday was Quilter's Day Out sponsored by Mountain Laurel Quilters.  It's held once a year and recently has been held at Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort right on the Delaware River.  There was a glorious tree near the front.  In the distance you can see the Delaware River made famous by the painting, George Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze owned by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. (sorry -- got sidetracked.) The trees across the river have lost most of their leaves.  There was a wonderful porch along the front of the hotel where you could rock and view the river. It was warm enough to spend time sitting there but I only lasted a little while. 

The day includes demonstrations, some vendors, a nice lunch and a guest speaker.  The speaker yesterday was Anna Faustino.  Here she is talking about how she created this picture.  The background is woven from two identical paintings of the trees.  She kept us laughing, amazed and in awe of her body of work.  And, she kept saying you can do this. 

And, I suppose you can with her new book Simply Stunning Woven Quilts published by C&T.  And, yes, they are amazingly stunning.  Anna's background is in art, teaching, and designing.  She was born and raised in Russia.  She is definitely an art quilter so don't look for a quilt to snuggle up with on the couch. But WOW her work is fabulous! She shared many of them with us during her talk.  I'm sorry I couldn't get pictures without the head in them but these are well worth the viewing! 

Besides her woven quilts she does a lot of applique using couching. This one is completely different then the woven quilts.  She also enjoys using technology.  Some of her work utilizes photographs that she has enhanced with colored pencils. 

Are you sitting down now? 

Anna has been quilting for a little over 4 years!  I don't aspire to be an art quilter but these just amazed me!  They are gorgeous! Needless to say she is entering her quilts in shows and is winning ribbons galore.  Check out her web site to see more about Anna Faustino. (See link above.) 

So, here I am working on my fabric creations.  Not as flamboyant but well loved by my family.  I was glad to have a chance to see her work.  I might try some of the weaving ideas but I generally make quilts to cuddle up with.  But, wow on what I saw yesterday. And, I did do a little shopping at the vendors.  Bought several reds to incorporate into my election challenge.  That isn't going so well.  I am having to rethink how I am making the stars.  There must be some secret to getting the stars to come out with a quarter inch at the points cause mine sure aren't doing it.  I think I'll just paper piece them.  That would work just as well and probably take less fabric!   I should be getting back to quilting.  But, lunch calls, it is 1:30 EST. Oops... time flies when you are retired.  

Happy quilting all.  Bonnie

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  1. What a lucky girl you are to attend such a great event! Your photos are wonderful. Thanks for sharing!


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