Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Hit Some Sales

Traditional Veteran's Day sales were yesterday or over the weekend.  When I got my Joann's mailer I went through writing a list to jog my brain as to what I might like to look at.  Tuesday came and I was still trying to talk myself into going or staying home.  (I had a coupon for 40% off cds at Borders so it was talking to me also.)  I finally decided to go and began double checking some things.  I'm looking for some different size knitting needles, muslin was well priced, novelty fabrics, books -- these all were on sale between 30 and 40% off.  And, there was a 10% off everything coupon.  I was actually really restrained!  And, my bargains were amazing.  So, what did I get? 

two or three fall garlands, gourds and loose leaves at 80% off!  Woowee. 
two books at 50% off.  One was a seasonal banner book, the other quilting designs. 

one cd of the original Harry Potter movie's music.  I had lost my copy and I like it.

What I didn't get was any knitting needles.  Boo.  When I finish the socks I'll want something else to knit. (Of course, I could work on the hand quilting...) 

And, last but least I hit the big grocery store in Scranton that has the cereal Pat likes a lot. Not a bad day altogether.  And, for some reason I popped out of bed and sewed a block before breakfast.  So, even a little quilting activity there!  

Happy quilting all. Bonnie


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  2. Bonnie, I love a good sale, don't you? Do you miss the Hancocks that was in Scranton - across from Walmart? I certainly do. The Sam's Club in Scranton is also good - it is one of their larger stores and carries items other Sam's Club doesn't have. Let's see the quilt block you made!


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