Monday, November 17, 2008

Puzzle Time

Do you like to do puzzles?  We do especially when the house is full -- it is an option for non-tv watchers.  So, over Labor Day we had a puzzle out on the dining room table.  It was a bunch of baseballs.  Kevin said it had been his and he worked like a dog on it off and on until it was finished.  We decided that was a success so we brought out another one.  It was a nice picture of Big Ben in London.  Jenny got involved with it and worked like a dog on it.  Except it is a pain in the XXXXXX. First, it is a lot darker than it shows in the picture. It tends to glare back at you.  Then, the light needs to be just right in the room to be able to see the pieces.  Jen was up a few weeks later and worked some more on it.  Pat and I both take turns working on it.  Jen separated the pieces into type.  And then she was picking up every piece to try it in a spot.  So, I've been doing that too, off and on.  Well we are now a week and a half away from T-Day.  T-Day dinner will be at the dining room table not the kitchen table.  So the pressure is on to finish this blankety, blank puzzle!  This morning I got several (maybe 5 or so) pieces in.  The problem is you can put a piece in that looks like it is right and later it proves to be wrong. And a few taken out.  ARGH.  I'll keep  you posted.  We have bought a couple more puzzles that appear to be a bit easier.  I hope so.  It's fun to try a puzzle every once and a while but not one that refuses to be put together. I believe I hear the trash can calling this puzzle!!

It is time to go up to finish the other pillow sham.  Don't know how long I will last as I woke up at 5:30 or so bright and awake.  Maybe a nap is in order later. (after the pillow sham!) 

Happy quilting all. Bonnie

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  1. Brian and I will be up on Wednesday! I'll keep working on it!!!! It doesn't really have to be taken down until T-Day, right?


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