Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Peak into the Studio

Here's what I've been working on for the last few days.  This is all from the stash.  I did order 2 different reds to add to the mix.  I probably could have done without them but ... I've got to help the economy somewhat!  Today I sewed about 40 blocks with the X.  Then I laid them out to start to get a sense of what this rag quilt will look like.  I thought I would have enough of the dark green and black plaid to do the whole back. Of course not.  I'm not all that much short so I thought I could pop in some of the black and brown plaid. And, as I was laying it all out I thought putting some of the green/black on the top would add interest.  I've got what I have made laid out but will not angst over it until the other colors come in.   And, while I've been cutting all this if I didn't have enough left for the 8" blocks I've cut them all to a smaller size.  So, I might make another rag quilt down the line.

At Wed. sewing group I basted that wall hanging for our bedroom.  It will be quilted this afternoon.  Or at least it will be started.  The rest of Wed. I hand quilted on a Christmas lap quilt.  I'm not really fast but I keep plugging away.  I have most of the motifs done in the open squares.  I still need to mark the quarter squares in the corners.  And, I have most of the pieced blocks to outline quilt. And, not to mention the border.  I was happy to see I have the border stencil that goes with the blocks. The quilt is a Carolina Lily that I made as a mystery at a retreat many years ago.  I am sure it will continue to be worked on, especially on Wednesdays, because it is easy to grab and go and it helps keep me warm!  

Back to the studio.  I really want to get a few more quilts quilted.  I think I have 2 lap size and one table runner basted and ready to go.  We'll see whether I can get them done! 

Happy quilting from rainy, northeastern Pennsylvania.  Thank goodness it isn't cold enough to be snow! Bonnie 

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