Monday, December 15, 2008

Hi, My Name is Bonnie and I am a Fabricholic . . .

That's the only reason I can figure for hitting Jo-Ann and doing some damage to my low buy decision.  Yes, I went into the big city of Scranton today and did a bit of Christmas shopping.  I returned something.  And then I went to Jo-Ann with one 50% off coupon and a list of what I thought I might "need" that was on sale at Jo-Ann.  Some was to fill low spots in the stash. Some were not at all necesary and some were go withs to a project I have in mind.  And, then there was stuff for Christmas cards, a knitting project book. and  .... you get the picture.

I had this cute carousel horse piece hanging around the studio.  "Ah ha!" says I,  "That would look cute in a Project Linus quilt."   I rummaged on the shelves and came up with the cream at the top right and the green -- which might be a bit too bright but what the hey!  I also found some little pieces of pink and blue to go with but not enough.  So, all those pieces went shopping with me.  (Hum, were they doing a mind meld on me and convincing me I had to get more fabrics??) I thought the pink stripe would be really cute with the horse. And then the blue was another go with.  Now, I plan to cut this up as soon as it all gets washed.  So, maybe this will be a top in the very near future.  I thought I might use the pink for the borders (if I use borders, and if not, the backing.) We'll see what gets done. 

I also found this really cute kitty cat fabric ... on sale, of course.  And the moose fabric is flannel.  I thought it might go in another rag quilt. Am I totally out of my mind.  I don't need any of this.  But, if I get snowed in this winter (when it officially arrives) I'll have lots to work on unless we lose electricity again! The center piece is Kona unbleached muslin from Jo-Ann.  I happened to have some other Kona -- it felt very similar.  This is just to have around.  I find I like to use the same neutral fabric in my scrap quilts.  So this will serve the purpose.  

On to dinner -- I'll be slaving away over a hot oven when I put the frozen pizza in!  

Hope to actually get a few more stitches in to the binding of the wall hanging.  I thought it would be up on the wall by Sunday, but didn't happen.  As always, there is always tomorrow! 

Happy quilting.  Bonnie


  1. Merry Christmas to YOU,, that's whaat I say when I go fabric shopping , today I went to Local Quilt Store only to buy Mary Ellens Best Press, and they had some new Moda.. browns and pinks.. Love is in the air line.. and I am doing cupcakes,, so I cuold not resist. O well we make pretty things right? have a great evening.

  2. Cute cute to pass up.


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