Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's Saturday Afternoon? Already?

tick tock time has gotten away from me.  . . 
Here's the cookies for the swap already to go. I thought I was really creative and organized to have the cute bags.  Made some cute tags that weren't on when I took the photo.  

But a lot of the ladies were creative and on top of things.  There were lots of cute boxes, tins and bags filled with yummy cookies.

I tried to make "4 patches" but they didn't turn out that well.  So, complaining and carrying on I tried to follow the directions for the pinwheels.  The directions weren't spectacular.  But surprisingly the cookies looked fairly decent.  (not against the red but it seemed like a good idea at the moment!)  And, there really were 5 dozen cookies in the dough. Amazing. I made some other ones also.  But used the pinwheels for the exchange. 

My Christmas cactus is blooming away.  It is a new one.  The old one is in shock from moving.  It bloomed with a few flowers in November.  Usually it has lots of flowers but two moves in 12 months gave it fits!  But this little one is giving its all. 
I haven't been up to the studio working since Tuesday.  Although I did quilty things on Wed.  I have also done some more quilting on Carolina Lily.  The Rag Quilt has been clipped -- special thanks go to DH, Pat for doing all the vertical clipping.  It is in the drier as we speak.  I'll get a picture after it dries.  

Santa will be coming through our neighborhood in a bit.  So I'll work in the studio until he arrives.  We decided we wouldn't go to the community party for the kids. But we'll snap photos of Santa and wave as he drives by.  Probably not enough snow for a sleigh but . . .  

Happy quilting all. Bonnie  


  1. OOH the cookies look so yummy.. I did not see my name on one of the bags(wah).. have a great wknd.

  2. Bonnie - I hear you won some fabric...Congratulations!

    Yummy looking cookies..

  3. I won fabric??? I haven't had time to read blogs recently. Wow. I'll go check Roberta's blog! B.

  4. The cookies look SO good! I wish I could come visit and have tea and cookies with you! We would have great fun in the sewing room!


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