Saturday, December 6, 2008

Lazy Morning

I've been reading emails and blog surfing for two hours or so.  Must be time to get up and move on to something else. 

My to do list in the studio includes:
 • finish sewing the mystery quilt together.  Pictures will be posted after Jan. 1, 2009. You'll just have to wait to see this great quilt. 
• finish the rag quilt up to the hand snipping part
• finish machine quilting the wall hanging for our bedroom. 
* review the to do list to make sure I stay on task -- now where did I put that list??? 

Hope you have a great day.  I'm off to get going on my day. 

Happy quilting from chilly (13º degrees this am at home) Pennsylvania, USA.  Bonnie

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  1. Hope you find your list. I always lose them so I never make them.. I even lost my list to Santa.. Have a great wknd, and Happy Stitching,


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