Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Quick Notes and Then Back to the Studio

I have been trying to take a picture of the woodpecker that visits my bird feeder.  This is really a small bird feeder but the smart woodpecker has figured out he (she? -- don't know where the bird book is since the move.) can sit on the outside and still reach the seed through the cage that keeps the bigger birds out.  Man does the feeder rock and roll when the woodpecker comes for a visit. The feeder can be viewed from our great room and every time I see the woodpecker visiting I grab my camera and go to a window without the screen and try to snap the picture.  He never stays around long enough to get the picture.  Now my plan is to get him used to someone being in the room looking at him. Ha!  As if that will happen.  

I'm going to put dinner together and then go back to working on the current quilt.  It's going to be a Christmas present -- don't tell my friend who is getting this!  It will be a cozy rag quilt.  And this recipient lives where the snow falls -- quite a bit some years!  

Have a quilty Tuesday -- happy quilting.  Bonnie

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