Monday, December 1, 2008

Back to the Studio

Truth be told I didn't spend a whole lot of time sewing yesterday.  I did start the mystery quilt over at Mysteries for Relay.  YIKES.  It is labor intensive.  I may use it as a leaders/enders project cause it has lots of sewing and cutting in it.   Oh boy another start with a finish in the far distant future! 

It is time to prioritize what needs to be done.  I decided to make one Christmas present this year and the cutting is started for it.  So, I guess that will be the top of the list.  I have one top I need backing for -- or I need to piece bits of fabrics so I have enough backing.  It is going in our bedroom as a wall hanging so I would like to get it done.  And, I have one quilt ready to be quilted.  (basted and sitting in a roll in the studio.) I guess that is my to do list for now.  

The last thing I really need to do is figure out where all my UFO's are.  In other words, take an inventory.  I doubt I remember all the pieces I have started.  And, there is no central location in the studio where UFOs reside.  (Nor will there be one probably.) 

That pretty much identifies my week.   I keep trying to get on Joann's website but it is overwhelmed and I can't get through. Oh well.  Maybe later.  Happy quilting all. Bonnie 

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