Friday, December 5, 2008

A Productive Day

I spent most of today in the studio machine quilting the wall hanging for our bedroom.  I must have spent 5 to 6 hours stitching and then tying off and burying the threads.  I finally got bored around 4:30 and started on sewing a mystery quilt together.  I only have one row left to add to it. Then I'll make decisions regarding borders on that.  
Tomorrow's plans include finishing the sewing part of the rag quilt. (I ordered more fabric through  late Tuesday night and it arrived here today.) The flannel was in the wash with in 15 minutes of being in the house.  Yes, I know I shouldn't preshrink it but all the other fabric was and I was worried about it shrinking too much so went ahead and washed.  And, I'll try to get the last row of the mystery quilt on.  I'll probably do some more on the wallhanging too. 
Pat has been busy for the last few weekends getting the lights set out on our new house.  Doesn't it look great?  We're having snow on Sunday so I'll have to see whether we can get a picture with snow.  

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  1. very beautiful picture.thank you for sharing.have a great wknd


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