Saturday, December 20, 2008

Old Ornaments

I am blessed to own several ornaments that were on my mother's Christmas tree when she was a girl.  I'm pretty sure this was on Mom's tree.  I had a santa that was on my grandfather's tree but I'm not sure which one it is!  It was a santa sitting on a log.  And, for some reason I have two of them!  Both look old although one is a fairly recent acquisition!  So, I'm not sharing a picture of that one.  

I've also acquired a few unusual ornaments from various places we've lived.  So check out this next ornament.  Have you figured out what it is?  Take a guess..... 

Santa's got a little dimension and is painted on ... (a little trumpet fanfare please,) an okra.  Yes, a dried okra.  I'm not sure why he hasn't drawn vermin or bugs, but he hasn't.  

No quilting today.  But I have just about finished making 35 Christmas cards.  Now to finish signing, addressing and mailing them.  

Tomorrow's plans:  back to the quilt studio after church, grocery store and maybe lunch out.  I did finish the wall hanging for our bedroom.  In fact, Pat got i hung today so I'll post a picture tomorrow.    In fact he hung something else I will show off tomorrow.  Have a great evening.

Happy quilting!  Bonnie

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  1. Okra Santa is really neat!

    Hope you had a good day in your sewing room.


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