Tuesday, December 9, 2008


So, the question is who has been walking across the driveway?  When we got back from church Sunday there was this perfect set of footprints. What animal made them? I am guessing a squirrel.  Any naturalists out there who can verify this? 

The rag quilt is sewn together ready for clipping the fringe.  That will be done over a few days so as not to destroy the hands.  I should have done some yesterday but I didn't.  I did get some hand quilting done on the carolina lilies quilt.  The quilting in the blank squares looks great and I like to do it.  The quilting in the pieced blocks is a pain and looks... um... well add the word of your choice.  I have one motif in the plain block and then I need to mark the corners that are plain quarter blocks.  (and, a million pieced blocks .. ok 8 or 10) I will probably start the borders as soon as all of the plain inner blocks are done. 

Late in the day I made some Raisin Rats for Pat to take to work.  He loves raisins so I thought I would try the recipe.  Yum. I made them with golden raisins.   I have 5 dozen cookies to make for  a community cookie swap.  Haven't made up my mind what I will take.  Any suggestions?  I was thinking of doing pressed sugar cookies in the shape of trees. Except they make such small cookies. But they would look Christmas-y.

I'm off to finish quilting the wall hanging.  I hope to get it hung this weekend and then I'll add a picture here.  Ruth emailed to say she has my quilt ready that she was long arming (is that a verb?) so will have to get the binding ready for that.  And, the clipping... it should be at least started!!  
Happy quilting all!  Stay warm (or cool if you're down under!) Bonnie   


  1. Looks like raccoon tracks to me. Too big for a squirrel.

    Isn't it fun to find tracks in the snow?

  2. I also think they look like Raccoon tracks, we get them alot around here (WA state). Thank you so much for the recipe for those 'Rasin Rats' ~ I can't wait to make them for my hubby!



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