Thursday, June 11, 2009

Do You Like Mysteries?

Hi quilters!  Here's another mystery opportunity for you.  Bonnie Hunter, of  Quiltville fame, has a new mystery being published in Quiltmaker magazine.  If you are already a groupie you know her mysteries are usually pretty darn involved.  My reading of the first 5 parts that are in the July/Aug Quiltmaker is this is going to be an easier quilt, and probably not full size if I read it correctly.   Read up on Bonnie at the Quiltmaker blog.  And, notice, they are having a giveaway.  Five (yep 5) lucky winners will receive Bonnie's book.  Please don't sign up as I really want to win that!  (laughing over here)  Ok, you can sign up but know that you won't be winning because I want to! 

I am hoping to get going this morning and actually DO something.  I have another charity quilt ready to load on Ruthie.  I ordered zippers for her today to make it easier to put quilts on and off. I have my first Bunny Hill BOM done and another one prepped to go.  (I forgot the backing piece yesterday or I would have gotten it started.)  I have the road quilt ready to bind.  I've actually been hand quilting at least weekly on a Carolina Lily that is many (8+) years old.  

Time to go!  Quilts to quilt, things to plan, cleaning to do. ("Oh no, not cleaning, AGAIN," she whines!) 

Happy Quilting! 

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  1. Hi, Bonnie. You might want to put fabric leaders on the part of your zippers that you pin the quilt to. It works best if you use the long straight grain (parallel to the selvege) so they don't stretch out. Use fabric that is easy to pin through. It gives you a little more room to avoid hitting your zippers with the machine (Don't ask how I know that), and keeps you from stretching the zipper's edges. If you sew it on with a chain stitch, it is really easy to take off and replace when needed. Teddy on the Nolting list suggested it to us about 2 years ago when we first bought our machine. Becky and Rose


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