Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What's On the Design Wall

I took a couple of pictures of my design wall to show that I am actually making things. (not just trying to quilt.) The not square checkerboard pieces are part of a quilt I call The Million Pieces Quilt.  I doubt if it will have a million pieces but the finished size of those little squares are 1 x 1.5".  Am I crazy?  Of course.  And no, I am not cutting each little square.  Well, not often at least.  I keep making blocks.  I may want to re-evaluate how many I need so I don't have left overs.  Either that or I am going to make a smaller quilt!  You can find the pattern at Marge Gordon's Delaware Quilts.  All the profits from her pattern sales go to cancer research.  And, if you like mysteries she sponsors Mysteries for Relay.  (You can click on the button on my side bar for more info.  

Here's a close-up of Bunny Hill Design's block of the month program.  I started out by just collecting these Tisket a Tasket Baskets each month.  But as I prowled around different blogs  I saw a lot of them made up.  Ohhhh... I fell hard for them.  It was a long winter and I was ready for spring.  So I started with block 2.  It was incredibly easy after I spent a good bit of time prepping the pieces.  I hope to do one every Wednesday until I am caught up.  Tomorrow's is ready to sew.  The one below needs a beek or two and some french knot eyes. 

Rumor has it we had 4" of rainfall last night.  And I woke up at 6 am to thunder, lightning and a little dog's single bark.  I was able to get back to sleep for an hour or so but not that good deep sleep. 

And, here's Ragg performing his requested command: "Go Home, Raggs."  I use that command after we've been out in the front yard or for a walk.  I expect him to run up the driveway, up the stairs and sit and wait for me to come huffing and puffing up behind him.  Amazingly, he's been doing it more times than naught.  Good Raggs! (the little treats probably help a bit too.) It's hard to get a good picture of a black dog, with black eyes. Here we get Raggs with his laser eyes -- he can see through brick, aluminum siding, cars with these eyes. 

Just kidding... 

Happy Quilting! 

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