Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Shopping

This is the stuff I got at Patchwork Plus. (One of this years Top 10 Shops according to Quilt Sampler...) Any way, a very nice lady helped with fabric and yarn. The roll and the cream is wool. Both feel a little loosely woven so I will probably try really hot water to shrink them a bit. These are going into my Bunny Hill block of the month project. (Snowman... chick and I don't know what else.) The front two fabrics are going into the hanky challenge I am dreaming about but not actually working on yet. I didn't get any yarn although what they had was beautiful -- just not practical for a young mom.

The rest of this is from Oh Susannah's Quilt and Gift Store.

How could I resist the "grapes" fabric when we were doing a wine tour? I don't know when I will use it but I am sure it will help me remember the weekend. We had a blast. And I like earrings, especially the polymer clay type.

And the white is interfacing -- hanky project.

The red is actually a batik.

Living in NE Pennsylvania you need jackets a lot. Although I love the sweatshirt jackets I hate how loose they are around my neck. So, e gads, this is a real jacket pattern. I guess I'll make it first in muslin and then see how it looks before committing myself to "good" fabric.

OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH a nice full wine rack. Yum. Of course, I only like about 4 of the bottles. We got one Ice Wine (it's sweet, pressed from frozen grapes, served cold.) And, we got several ports. I loved some of the color combinations on the labels. I may have to reproduce the colors in quilts. Now there's an inspiration for you. The question is would drinking the wine give me more inspiration....

I was up in the studio early this morning hoping I might actually get one more quilt done before July 1. (I know I have acquired way more fabric than I used so was hoping to possibly get more in balance.) I was right back up sewing after my hair cut and errands. Right back after lunch. I was thinking about how odd it had been that last Wednesday at my quilt group the iron had quit working after I used it. Doo doo doo doo. (weird erie music if you can't figure it out from the words!) Yep, you got it. My iron wouldn't heat up. It leaked. I know it has "power" as the red light is on. I just don't have any heat. ARGH. I was ready to iron my backing fabric. And, iron the last seam on the quilt. And, to iron some blocks I was making and... you get the idea.

Tomorrow at 10:00 I am at a store to buy a new iron. I'd be there earlier but I have something else to do at 9! This one lasted about 2 years. Jen gave me one of hers (boy and girl both have irons... 1 too many.) I don't really know how old it was but I was happy to get it.

Oh, you want to see in the pink bag from a few days ago? Check tomorrow! I still have to take a pic of the insides....

Happy Quilting All!

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  1. Great purchases.

    I agree about using wool for baby projects, lovely but not practical for a busy mother.

    Good luck on finding an iron that you like.


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