Thursday, June 4, 2009

Revised May Stashbusting Report

Revised May Stashbusting Report (OH NO!) And not as bad as I thought!

Fabric used by finished quilts:   10.2 yards
Fabric purchased       13.75 yards 
Net fabric USED from stash:  (3.55). yards 
Year to date fabric used: 31.6 yards
Year to date fabric purchased: 42.58 yards
Net Year to date USED from stash (10.98) yards

Ok, it wasn't as bad as I thought.  I used 3 and a third yards for a sample when Ruthie first arrived.  It is now a very lovely cover for her.  (No, I really didn't finish it other than quilt it but I doubt if I'll do more than trim the edges a bit and put a nice loose zig zag around it.  So it is out of the stash for me right now!  I meant to write that usagae down before I went to Maryland but forgot it in all the flurry.  

Happy Quilting All 

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