Sunday, June 14, 2009


Hi All!
I guess I've been busy but I'm not sure with what! 

I've started a quick quilt based on the BOM for my guild.  I pick the block and provide the instructions each month for the block of the month.  For July I picked a framed block.  The inside will be a "conversation" print and the outside frame will be a bright color that reads like a solid.  I always make 2 blocks to make sure I know what is needed to write the directions.  Well, talk about easy!  I made the two blocks and kept going.  I'm also cutting extra center blocks to hand out if anyone wants some.  So far I have 12 blocks made and another 3 or 4 cut and ready to go.  I'll get a pic up soon.  

Plans for today:  quilt a charity quilt using a pantogram on Ruthie.  More framed blocks.  

Catch you all later!  Happy Quilting 

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