Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday Quilting

Before I talk about today's quilt group I want to share the fabrics I bought on Friday. The center strips come from a Moda jelly roll by Mary Engelbreit. It was a year old or so but I love the colors. I picked up the yellow that is used as the back drop, two greens and a pink to go with this jelly roll. I'm going to be starting this soon. I've done a sample block and it worked well so time to get going on this.

A group from Wednesday did some dying the other day. Marie did a great job teaching the ladies how to do the dying using jelly jars. Ruth brought hers in to show fanned out in this nice display. I did some dying years ago and haven't used all of it yet. In fact, I've hardly used many pieces. Maybe I should work on those fabrics! Ruth plans to make a paper pieced color wheel with hers. I'll try to get a picture when she's done.

Jeannie was covering this lampshade. It really didn't take her very long to get to this point. She needs to finish off the bottom still but it is almost done. I could do that. And, I might even have a lamp shade I could do it with! But, don't hold your breath. (Hey Kevin, maybe that lamp in the room you use . . .)

I found an old table runner hanging around
in the studio. I had made it years ago. I used a spray to baste it a year ago. Then I didn't quilt it. After trying the panto a week or so ago I decided to try again. Except this time I cut a piece of graph paper and copied a pattern on it. It was in one of the Follow the Line Continuous Line Quilting Designs books. (Can't remember which one.) I had to fuss with the size and placement but it worked really well. I'll show the whole thing when I get the binding on it.

OOPS -- who let this picture in? Truth: the dust is pretty bad on this table. Do I have to clean? I'd rather read or quilt even take the dog out then clean. Every once and a while I get wild and clean the place. But evidently I've been a bit neglectful!

On that picture I will end this.

Happy Quilting!


  1. Since I live alone, my table tops are thankfully safe from mystery notes in the dust. :oD

    I love the dyed fabrics, such vibrant colors.

  2. Lovely post! Even the dust - who cares, you are doing the much more important things AND when the spirit moves you, you will do it.

  3. Hey, wait a minute, it was either Bonnie or Raggs who wrote in the dust, not me....I suspect Raggs!


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