Monday, June 8, 2009

Ruthie In Action -- Kind of!

Today's to do list has me getting some quilting done on Ruthie, my long arm. (Although, I guess 18" is really a mid-arm.)  After a rash of laundry, I loaded another little quilt.  I changed thread top and bottom.  I argued with the bobbin winder.  I basted the top and sides as I've learned to do. Oops!  I broke the needle.  (I'm not sure how other than the head wasn't moving and I was trying to move it!)  So I now know how to change the needle!  
Went back to trying to quilt the darn thing.  All I really wanted to do was follow some roads on the backing that I loaded as the top.  I am not very good at following the road is all I can say!  I gave up after I did one section.  (Remember that rash of laundry? Folding was needed.) Next I need to add some more quilting to the green spots but I refuse to change the thread from the white.  No doubt I will just try some more outlining.  Maybe I'll try ruler work.  Can it really be that hard? (Ha! Of course it can but I'm game to try it!)  I've decided I need to try a pantograph on a quilt after trying to follow the road.  Foolish me put three quilts on my to do list this week.  I'll probably get to another one after this one but I am not holding my breath on a third one!   

Happy Quilting All! 


  1. every quilt deserves a new needle, now that you know how to change it.

  2. You've got a point there. And, I wonder how often I will go through them cause they aren't available right around where I live! B.


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