Thursday, June 25, 2009

Short Quilting Day

Finished today:
Blue Simply Squares quilt. Scroll down to see the pattern. Profits from the sales of the pattern go to Relay. My quilt looks slightly different because I set my squares differently. Here it is before I trimmed it and put the binding on. And, how about a close up. Quilting is ok, but it could be better -- heck it will be better eventually. This was done before the table runner I showed yesterday...

One of the things I need to figure out is consistency of size and shape. After this was done I decided it probably made more sense to do the "petal" things all four at once. I did each separately. And, in fact the top and bottoms were done on different passes. It certainly isn't horrible by any means. I keep trying new things so will eventually have quite a few things in my bag of tricks, so to speak.

Now, I feel my all-over meanders are fine and my easy pantographs are getting decent. More practice is still needed though!

Tomorrow Pat, Raggs and I are taking a road trip to visit quilt stores and wineries up in the Finger Lakes section of New York. Although we used to bring Christy with us when we came up here to see how the construction was going on our house, we've never tried traveling and stopping at, say, quilt stores and wineries, before. We'll keep you posted on how it goes. I looked up restaurants, wineries and hotels on Hopefully it'll be easy for the most part.

I've been making a list of things I might like to buy at the quilt store. WAIT -- wasn't I just at a quilt store 7 days ago? How can I really NEED any thing else. Um, I do need a little wool for the Bunny Hill block of the month. (Endless Mountain Quiltworks didn't have any wool.) And, I have a hanky challenge due next month and the colors I need I just don't have. (actually I'm checking on that as soon as I posts this!) And, I have an X Block ruler and I would like a different pattern than the one I have for it. Haven't made it in 2 years.... need I say more? So I guess I might need/want some more stuff. Oh well. It is good for the economy. Right.

I'm off to check my fabs and get the hanky from the challenge.
Happy Quilting!


  1. Have a great trip. Can't wait to see the loot you pick up on your travels.


  2. Don't get discouraged: everything expert was a beginner at one time. You will master the machine in no time.

    I like the Simply Squares quilt.


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