Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Some How This Just Isn't Quilting

Here's what I did one day this weekend. No, I didn't row this shell. Check out the slings it is sitting on!
I used an old curtain to make two of these slings. Not my most favorite sewing but it wasn't all that hard. I ended up making 3 because the first one was too wide. Because these came from a curtain topper I was saved a seam or two!

The interesting part to me is somewhere I have tons more of this fabric. Don't have a clue where it is. Plus, finding this found more quilting fabric (not that I need it but . . . )

And, speaking of more fabric . . . At guild
last night someone
was giving away 2 big boxes of fabric. Being the happy little squirrel that I am, I took away several good size pieces and a few smaller pieces. (My red collection is dismal so I found a few I could put to use right away.)

Today, Ruthie is getting zippers. And, then I am prepping a backing and trying to load a bigger quilt on her. Now, bigger is still a lap size quilt but it is bigger than the crib size quilts I have been doing!

Happy Quilting All!

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