Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kindle Thoughts

Last year I bought a Kindle from Amazon. Has to do with living in the country (or perhaps, a more apt term would be the sticks.) I am a big reader of happy ending books (mostly romances save the angst books for someone else.) I use the library a lot but I came from a county with the top rated library in the nation in terms of circulation. (lots and lots of books available -- heaven.) Now I live in an area where the libraries might have 2 books per resident. SIGH. That's not to say I don't borrow from the library -- I do and in fact this pm I'll be picking up 3 books that I have on reserve.

Anyway, I just finished reading the second Virgin River series by Robyn Carr that came out this spring. I had purchased all of them from Borders with discounts and gift cards... oooh free books. My library didn't have the first three -- bummer. So I decided to check for used books through Amazon and What an eye opener for me. If I had bought them used at and paid shipping it would have come to about $19. Surprise, surprise. Buying them for my Kindle at Amazon only cost $15.16. Yep, they give a discount on Kindle books. It's a big discount on hard backs. It's 15 to 20% for paper backs. I tend to only buy the paper backs. And, you can put so many books on the Kindle. It holds a charge for a long time. Plus the books are delivered nearly instantaneously. I find it easy to read on. The biggest draw back? Up front price. I have the original version. Now it is even more light weight.

Enough computer stuff for now... I did get the zippers on Ruthie yesterday. Took me all day cause I was sleepy and took a nap in the middle. Then I was "awake" in the evening and got the quilt I want to put on next ironed and the backing prepared. I'm set to go except today is Wednesday quilters. I need to get going to that. So my little peach pits, time for me to get a move on.

Happy quilting all!


  1. I've been wondering about the Kindle. I am very light sensitive, and was afraid the backli47Patriots
    would get to me. I have all my computer monitors turned pretty dark. Can you adjust the brightness?

  2. Is there a list of the books and in what order to read them somewhere? Sounds like an interesting series :o)


  3. I love to read as well and I have thought about a Kindle. Our library system is so good I rarely buy books..Hmmmm. I'll keep thinking about it.



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