Thursday, November 20, 2008

Do You Keep Up With Site Stats?

Ok, I admit it.  I like to know that people are reading (or at least showing up at my blog.) To that end I added a site counter early on. And, I check it fairly regularly. (No, not every hour...!)  What a hoot.  For the longest time the most popular hour for reading my blog was 5:00 AM. Yep, as in crack of dawn.  My guess is it was overseas readers but I don't know for sure.  Maybe it was hubby reading before work. As to most popular day -- Tuesday. Tuesday?  My little brain tried to rationalize that:  weekends are too busy.  Monday is a busy work day for those who work.  Yes, Tuesday rolls around.  Stuff is under control at work, an hour or two opens up and everyone surfs the web.  Sounds logical to me! 

So all you Tuesday surfers at 5:00 AM.  Thanks for coming by to
see what's happening!  

Here's a little eye candy.  This was made for Faithful Circle Quilters 2008 Challenge.  A huge box of Crayola Crayons were dumped into a brown paper bag. We each drew out one crayon without looking. The challenge was to create a quilt that represented that color.  I got the plum crayon and proceeded to use the word plum > plumb and how we had to plumb (go to depths of)  our imaginations. 

Hindsight is I must not have had the quilt as taut as it should have been when I basted it -- it bags a big. I was all set to hang it in the bathroom until darling hubby burst into laughter.  Plumb -- plumbing! Well, ok.  That isn't such a good word association. It will be hanging in the studio for awhile! 

I'm on to my quilting day.  Hope your day is happy and productive! Bonnie


  1. What a fun idea with the crayons. I like how your quilt came out. Have a great day! Em

  2. Love the quilt...great creativity!
    And the word association was a hoot! Maybe if you do some more machine quilting it would fix the baggyness?


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