Thursday, October 30, 2008

Snow Is Fine but the rest...

Sorry for the big nothing over the last few days.  We had 3 to 6" of snow in the Poconos.  And, Tuesday at about 6 am we lost our electricity.  And, we still don't have it back.  I'm using Panera's in a local city. (About 45 minutes away -- I was desperate!) But, wasn't it pretty?  But, no shopping for me on Tuesday.  The four wheel drive went to work with Pat.  

Wednesday I was primed to go to my sewing group.  But, we didn't have phone or electricity.  The roads were nice and dry for the most part so I decided to load up the car and drive on down -- just in case they had electricity.  Wow, there were trees down and on electrical lines all the way down.  Here's one.  It's hard to see the line but it is there, under that tree and this one wasn't even marked for cutting.  I had a couple of big plops of snow land on the window which was quite surprising. They didn't have electricity either. No sewing.  

Ok, plan b went into action.  I decided I would go get the fabrics I needed for several projects.  Did I have fun!  I got two backings, a go with and two others that were on sale and were very usable.  But, I can't wash them, I can't sew, I can't ____. Fill in the blank.  It seems everything depends on heat and electricity.  

We thought we would be getting electricity back last night but, no, not yet. Now, it is getting really cold in the house.  We are thankful we have a gas fireplace that pours out heat.  Unfortunately we also have cathedral ceilings in the great room and the hot air is heating the upstairs.  Did I mention our bedroom is on the main floor?? Here's the outside temperature and the house temp.  Believe me 54 isn't warm enough! 

Hope springs eternal regarding electricity. I can't wait to shower and wash my hair.  No way am I getting wet until the electricity is restored!  And, having just had another hair cut I guess I need to plan to wear my hair a bit longer in the winter.  My neck gets cold!  
The good news is I have finished a couple of books and I'm making good progress on one of the socks.  We've run through a lot of candles.  And, I'm laying in a supply of various size batteries for future problems. I usually use rechargables and they have held up pretty well but it would be nice to have some extras hanging around.  
For those of you who are sewing... enjoy it.  I am looking forward to it next week.

Happy Quilting from the Poconos.  Bonnie

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