Sunday, December 14, 2008

Here's a Finish!

Santa drove through our neighborhood on a fire truck.  Here he is -- freezing.  We have no street lights so the picture isn't very good... and who could see anyway!  We waited outside for a couple minutes.  Yikes did we get cold.  It was about 20º or so.  Hum, that pillow is sinking badly!  But he was a good sport.  

No quilting done today.  Long choir rehearsal after church as we tried to learn the music for next week.  This is a very low key choir... we only practice Sunday  for less than an hour.  Not too bad sound wise (unless you are music major!) Then we had a little bit of shopping to do.  Later we went to a party in the neighborhood.  Nice day but, as I said, no quilting really.  

But here are a couple of pictures of my finished rag quilt.  I had all the fabric and batting except one yard of red I purchased to add a little more color.  Pretty  cool.  This is the quilt that Pat helped with clipping.  I've already started the trimming and cutting of another rag quilt.  Don't know when I will make it but at least some of the cutting is done.  This is a present that I'll need to get out in the mail in the next day or two.  The recipient should enjoy it thoroughly! 

What a fun and fast quilt this is!  I'm sure a second, and maybe a third one is in my future.  I still have enough flannel for at least two more.  

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  1. Bonnie, I LOVE your rag quilt! I see you used homespuns... do you have a close up photo? Did you sandwich with flannel in between? Nice job! Rag quilts are my next project after I finish the bathroom curtains and also do some machine embroidery on pillowcases and kitchen towels.


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