Sunday, October 26, 2008

At Home Quilt Retreat Day 2

Here's Sharon's la crosse quilt for her son, Rob.  The black print is la crosse sticks.  She has done a super job on the quilt from color choices to getting those nasty corners done correctly. We had to think about them a bit after she got the first one on as it was off by about 3/8ths of an inch, if I remember correctly.  

I got the borders on a mystery quilt I did this summer.  I forgot to take a picture of it today when there was enough light in the room so watch for it soon.  And, I can get the borders on that wall hanging when I sew again next.  

Sharon stayed until nearly 2 and we sewed most of the time.  We work well together and have for years.  We used to make donation quilts together for our church but haven't been able to for the last couple of years.  She was so tickled to get the borders on her quilt and I was tickled to get mine on too, even if she had to talk me into it! The other thing we do is quilt consultations for each other.  I don't enjoy the quilting part of making a quilt so I try to do the least amount of quilting.  Sharon always thinks I should do more involved quilting.  And, she usually is right.  So, we consulted on the former mystery quilt, and two or three other quilts.  Two are ready for quilting, one still needs some sashing and another border.  I've got my work cut out for me. 

I will have to find backing fabric for most of these quilts.  I will be visiting a couple of local quilt stores this week to get the backings and a piece or two for my next quilt. 

We will be planning another quilt retreat here in the Poconos next spring if all goes well.  And, I'll be down in Maryland in February to take classes with Sharon Schambers.  One thing we both noticed is we were exhausted after the all day session.  And, after sewing half the day today I was totally worn out and my arms and shoulder hurt.  It didn't help that I read email in the afternoon.  So, probably won't quilt tomorrow.  

Hope everyone has had a happy quilting day.  Bonnie

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  1. I am finding that I have more aches and pains too these days!
    I have been doing a lot of machine quilting and my back is very sore.
    Perhaps we are not stretching enough or not taking enough breaks??


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