Friday, October 17, 2008

Thursday was day one of a two day sleep-over quilt retreat.  I opted for only one day as I don't do well sleeping on the floor.  (In other words I would have been really crabby the next day and wouldn't have gotten much done -- or it would have been sew a seam, rip a seam!)  I had a lovely time and worked diligently on the 2" log cabins. Woowee! I got one more done. (OK, quit laughing at me!) I have 3a other blocks in progress.  The squares have either green or orange in them and I decided I could do both green ones and orange ones at the same time.  Wrong.  When I sewed a green round on an orange one I decided it was time to quit working on the little guys. 

In the next hour or less I finished the string quilt blocks, the "tease" blocks I started last weekend and got about an inch done on the socks I am trying to make.  Here's the supplies I bought to give sock making a try.  Friends who have either received or made homemade socks swear by them. I'll be happy if I get this pair finished. I've knit about 3 inches or so.  The yarn is suppose to make its own stripe but it sure isn't making the type of stripe shown on the picture.  However, it is a nice looking pattern.  When I get farther along I'll drop in a picture of it. (shoot, once you are done you have to make another one! This may be a longer than planned project.) 

Happy quilting! Bonnie

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