Monday, October 27, 2008

A Top Ready for Quilting

I put the borders on this quilt yesterday.  It was a mystery quilt on Fabricholics Annonymous on YahooGroups.   I am pretty diligent about mystery quilt tops but the borders and quilting always takes me a while!  The cool part of this one is I have the quilting design already planned out.  So maybe Wednesday I will pin baste it and quilt it next week. 

Tomorrow I'm going on a shopping expedition -- I need backing fabrics for several pieces.  I've gotten several tops ready to quilt but just don't have any backings that will go with them.  And, I'm buying one or two pieces for an upcoming mystery quilt.  I've had good luck pulling mystery quilts from my stash. (Yep, the blue and green is completely from my stash.)  But I have two different fabric collections but I need one or two fabrics for each set. I'll see if I can fill one of the sets out for the mystery quilt. 
But the joke is on me tomorrow.  The weather people are calling for 1 to 3" of SNOW.  Wait, it isn't even November.  I'm going out anyway cause I have 4 wheel drive and it isn't cold enough to pile up. (hopefully!)  

Here's a little Halloween quilt.  I bought it at Faithful Circle Quilter's annual silent auction. I'm just sorry the maker didn't sign it!  This would be easy to make yourself. Each block is one square inch.  

Happy Quilting All. Bonnie


  1. Careful driving out there if it does snow today Mom.

  2. I love your quilt top and the little Halloween quilt is adorable.

  3. I love the Buckeye Beauty block and your mystery quilt turned out really lovely!


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