Monday, October 20, 2008

Mini Anvil

I have been hand quilting another miniature quilt.  The block is anvil and came about because of a challenge on Small Quilt Talk  on Yahoo Groups.  These triangles were all from a quilt Jen and I made for my niece when she got married (Hum, 6 or 8 years ago.) They have been aging nicely and when I read this challenge I sorted through the bag/tin/boxes of triangles I have hanging around and found them ready to be sewn together.  I had bits and pieces of the fabrics left so combined them.  I still have two blocks to quilt and then I'll decide if I want to put something in the sashing or not. I must say they really came out red in this photo. They are more burgundy in person. Squares are 4" -- a very nice size to work with compared to some I refuse to mention!

More color inspiration. Here's another cool pheasant.  He was harder to take a picture of as he kept strutting back and forth on 
his bar.  None the less, he had a magnificent tail feather also.  When I read about a hat with feathers in novels I will now think of these pheasant's tails. 

Time to get up to the studio to play with fabrics! 

Happy quilting all!  Bonnie

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  1. Nice job, Bonnie. I like your fabric choices.
    Chris from Small Quilt Talk


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