Friday, October 24, 2008

How's Your Thread?

When I started quilting I moved my polyester threads farther and farther away from the cotton threads I used on a daily basis.  Recently I've been pulling some of the polyester out to use for basting and a couple of projects that it didn't bother me to be using poly instead of 100% cotton. (I know poly thread shouldn't bother me but it does!) 

I don't use any thread on a wooden spool. (Why put any work and effort into a project and then have the thread give up.) I am acquainted with a gal who tests each section of thread she pulls off her wooden spools.  Thread isn't that expensive, why not invest in thread that will hold up for another 20 (50?) years rather than thread that might last another 2 years?  

It was fun to check the prices on these spools.   From left to right: Talon, 25¢ for 125 yards; Molnlycke 120 yards but no price listed; Belding Corticelli, 30¢ for 125 yards; Coats and Clarks, 29¢ for 325 yards; Belding Corticelli for 19¢ for 125 yards; another Belding Corticelli, 25¢ for 125 yards; and last Talon, 19¢ for 125 yards.  Two of the Belding Corticelli thread  said fast to boiling and they were mercerized cotton. The other was poly.  Boy, you can't buy thread at that price today!  I also have some half size thread spools that I use with a display of bears and other small things.  These spools are so pretty I should display them somewhere too but they will probably go back into my box. 

I did notice that the poly thread I used shredded before I was finished sewing the seam I was hand stitching.  Don't know if it was the thread, the needle or too long a strand of thread.  

I am waiting my friend Sharon as I type.  We're having our own quilting retreat this weekend. Dinner is in the crock pot, the machines are oiled, bobbins are wound.  I'm ready to go. (Heck, the house is even cleaned! Well, most of it is!) Hope every one has a great quilty weekend. I plan to!  
Happy quilting! Bonnie

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