Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Catching Up from the Ripping

I have almost replaced all 4 incorrect strips.  I sandwiched that sewing in between 2 other things I am working on.  I'm almost done with the blocks for my wall hanging and the 2 pillow shams. 

Tomorrow and Thursday are out of house sewing days.  I can't decide what to take to work on.  I will be using a new machine that is super light and easy to carry but I'm not great at the 1/4" on it yet.  So, I really don't want to take something that I need to be super accurate.  So, maybe I'll bring some paper piecing as that is accurate on its own.  I have a UFO that is a log cabin and the blocks are 2 - 3" each. (Take me out and shoot me now.)  They are very tedious because the colors all have a specific place to be and it is easy to get off.  I usually can stand to do one block or two and then it gets put away.  This may be the perfect project for the next few days.  I'll also take a quilt I am hand quilting if I can't stand any more paper piecing.  

I'm worn out today so this is short.  Maybe more photos tomorrow. 
Happy quilting, Bonnie

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  1. Hi Bonnie,
    Saw on Quiltville Chat that you are a new blogger - really? - you are doing very nicely - love your fall photos and everything else - we don't have fall as such in Australia, but I have visited the US twice at that time - just love it.
    I have made a promise to myself I will try to introduce myself to other bloggers at least a couple of times a week - I have so many lovely blogging friends and have been really inspired by their photos and writings - so lovely to catch up!
    Hugs - Lurline.


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