Thursday, October 2, 2008

Trash Talk

I get this great feeling when I fill my trash can with bits and pieces trimmed from sewing.  Today, I finished about 12 heartstring blocks.  Not only am I using up my strings I've used up bits and dribs of 3 different spools of threads and several odd bobbins.  What a feeling.  (Or is that simple joys for simple minds??)  That whole pile went back into the trash can after the photo!  It pretty well filled one of the trash cans in the room.  I am pretty anal about trash and clippings.  Some people toss them over their shoulders, on the floor or up in the air.  Not me, I like my trash contained.  Perhaps it is the carpet.  Anyway, I have a trash can by each sewing machine (only room for two to be up at a time) and on the cutting table I have taped a brown paper bag.  Even with all the receptacles, strings and bits land on the floor.  Oh well, at least it wasn't all of the above and the little bits that still made it to the floor. 

While I was sewing these strings down I realized I had one of my first pieces of cotton calico from 28 years ago and one of my most recent pieces.  Check out the brown, rust, and yellow 
calico, third string from the right.  I used that to make bumper pads for the crib before my first child. No knowing the sex in advance so I chose neutral browns and yellows.  The green next to it is a much prettier color then it shows here.  It came into the stash last week.  (No, I didn't buy it, it was donated!) 
Happy Quilting! Bonnie

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  1. Believe it or not, I think I have that brown flower print in my stash! Funny! I am washing it up to put into a "Many Trips Around the World" quilt from Bonnie Hunter's quiltville site. Enjoying your blog :)

    Kathy -


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