Sunday, October 12, 2008

Can It Get Better Here?

I was going to say that I didn't do all that much today.  Honestly, I only spent 12 minutes piecing today before Pat and I went to a meeting of the community association and then into a local town for a harvest festival.  (I know it was 12 minutes because I am notoriously time-impaired so wanted to make sure I didn't take 30 minutes... so I set a little timer and actually went downstairs before it went off! Amazing!) 

As we were walking into the building where the meeting was held I had my nose pointing down at the ground, had slowed up and was basically blocking people trying to get it.  I was busy looking at the pattern of the blocks on the floor.  My first thought was, that could be a quilt.  Which was followed pretty quickly by that would be a really easy stashbuster quilt.  Unfortunately I wasn't astute enough to whip the camera out of the purse and snap the picture.  So, in a day or 20, I'll go over and snap the picture.  Who knows maybe I'll
be able to make it as a quilt some day.  

No new pictures of scenery today.  But I thought I would share this one of my fabric storage area. This is a set of shelves from Ikea.  I moved them from our house in Maryland.  Since this was taken I added another section. Notice the nice, neat piles of fabric?  I decided I would move my fabric from rubbermaid boxes to open shelves.  Wow, talk about being easy to pull fabric now!  My son gave me work hours for a recent Mother's Day gift so I had a whole stack of fabric one half yard or bigger ready for him to fold over Labor Day.  He did a great job. (I think this was taken before then so I actually have more fabric on the shelves now.)  The bright pink squares are actually post it notes telling me where I wanted each color.  I guess I should take those off now as I don't really need them any more! 

I've started storing projects in bins or baskets -- that's what is on the bottom shelf. The 2nd from the bottom in the center are three containers of fat quarters.  The top shelf holds more projects.  (Hum, have I finished ANY of those projects yet??) When I actually look at the amount of fabric shown here I think it looks like a pretty pitiful collection.  Then I remember I have another 10 or 15 bins with smaller hunks of fabric.  Yes, I still need to use what is here rather than buy more! 

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie

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