Wednesday, October 1, 2008

In the Wilds

Or not as the case may be.  I was on the way home from my Wednesday quilting group and stopped to take some pictures of the local wildlife.  Both of these pictures were taken out of my car window.  I've cropped out some grass in the deer picture and both used my camera's zoom.  But, hey, this is a digital point and shoot camera.  The wild turkeys were right by the road side! Hum, I wonder if I could just put my hand out and grab one for a very fresh turkey dinner?  No, I guess I'd have to learn how to pluck a turkey.  Too close to nature.  Please, I'll be happy with a bird in a plastic wrapper.  

I was able to trim all the string blocks I've sewn.  And, I got the ripping done on my wall hanging.  Maybe tomorrow I can rebaste and quilt it again.  I need to get to work on some bindings too.  Always something to do!  Happy quilting! Bonnie

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