Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Halloween Treat

Yesterday was a quilting day -- but today is a cleaning day. (No, no, I don't want to clean!) Ok... so it is mostly done and I'm tired but feel virtuous!  I've done bathrooms, I've done bathroom floors, I vacuumed. I'm doing laundry. I've vacuumed the hardwood floor.  My halo is going to slip down and choke me as my mom would have said! All this hard work is in honor of Sharon who is coming up for our own private quilt retreat.  We've been quilting buddies for years.  So, I will be sewing most of the weekend! YEAH!  

Today I want to share a great Halloween Quilt.  In 1999 I was in an online group, probably on Prodigy at that point.  Anyway  a group of us did a row robin.  I chose a row of jack o latterns as the starting point.  It took the half the year to get to everybody but it came back with some wonderful rows.  The little sign with the witch says Wanted: Lizard Tails and Frog Toes.  I thought the Sunbonnet Sue trick or treating was really funny.  It took me until January 2003 to finish it off.  But now it comes out every Halloween to grace one of the walls in the house.  

Here is a close up of Sue: 

Unfortunately this hangs in a stairwell so I couldn't get quite straight on.  I have one little tiny pumpkin quilt to show next time.  

I'm hoping to sit down and do some hand work while I watch "Emma."  I've recently joined Netfliks and I am having a great time watching movies that I never saw. We hardly ever go to movies so this is a real treat.  

Happy Quilting All.  


  1. I love the colors on the bottom of this quilt. It is screaming cany corn to me!

  2. WHat a fantastic Halloween quilt!
    Each row is so unique!
    This is a one-of-a-kind treasure!


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