Friday, October 10, 2008

Quiet Day -- no actual sewing --

I had to stay home today because people were coming to deliver and hang the shutters in our bedroom.  Our house is new, finished in May, and we are still having a few things done to it.  We ordered plantation shutters for our bedroom in July and they finally arrived and were installed today.  They look great but I'm not really happy about the "frame" they put inside of the window sill.  Yuck -- if we or someone else ever wants to remove them all four sides of the window are full of screw holes.  Of course, now that the shutters are up I won't be taking them down any time soon! 

I spent most of my day trying to decide what fabric to cut up for a mystery quilt.  Marge runs Mysteries for Relays,a Yahoo group, as a way to raise funds. You must make a donation to the American Cancer Society to participate.    Instructions for the most recent mystery go up tomorrow so I wanted to have the fabric cut today.  Marge is terrific and responded to all of my silly questions about color and style.  I finally decided and picked an overall print to lead my choices.  I grabbed a dark teal blue, a couple of different reds and a tan to do the pattern.  I can use the print as a border and I have a green I can use as another border.  Surprisingly it almost all matches the fabric I picked up last week to make some pillow shams for my bedroom.  I might have to change the green but everything else works.  The good thing about Marge's mysteries is you can make several different sizes.  Tomorrow I plan to make the 4 block top but made sure I have enough fabric to do a 5 x 5 if I really fall in love with it.  

Need to think about dinner now.  Happy Quilting all!  Bonnie

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  1. I joined too. I haven't even picked any fabric though. Hope you love your new shutters.


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