Thursday, February 5, 2009

2 Kind of Finishes

Here's a Valentine's Day Quilt I did a while ago.  I quilted it on my Bernina using Press n Seal -- it's actually a kitchen wrap but I traced the design on it and stuck it on the quilt and quilted it free hand.  Wasn't that bad, quilting wise.  I don't use Press n Seal all that much now.  I tend to draw the designs on lightweight tracing paper and then pin them in place.  Hum, this has a bad crease in the center.  I will need to fold it differently when I store it next.  

I still have two threads to tie off and bury on the Carousel Quilt.  I found out I hadn't done two short rows of quilting so got that finished.  Now to do the 10 minutes of work to finish the whole thing.  I keep my projects in plastic bins or boxes (depending on what is available.) I was happy to empty this quilt's bin.  I had quite a few fabrics to put away.  So, now can I start a new project?  NAW.  Maybe I'll take out an older project (UFO) and see if I can drum up some interest in it.  And, I'm still plugging away on the "million" piece quilt. There are lots of 1.5" x 1" finished pieces in this quilt.  Looks great when done.  So, again, I just keep adding to the sections.  Later I'll try to share pictures of what I've done so far.  

And, I finished the hand stitching on a quilt that's been done since Dec. except hand sewing the binding.  And, then I had only 1/4 of the binding to do yet it sat around.  It will eventually be a gift for a friend but not yet.  I'll get pictures after the label is put on.  Maybe I'll make the label today.  

I've spent some time recently on some knitting projects.  I was knitting at the Wed. quilting group and kept making mistakes on a very easy project.  I kept ripping out because I would figure out the mistake and go back to correct it.  Some of the mistakes stayed in.  Oh well.  Pictures when I finish.  

Time to get quilting.  -- I want to get the red hearts quilt quilted today along with some more motifs of the green, blue and beige quilt.  

Happy Quilting  -- Bonnie

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  1. gorgeous!!! I love the hearts!! thanks for sharing, have a great day,Amy


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