Monday, February 9, 2009

Weather --Bah Humbug

Saturday was a glorious day -- I think it hit the 50's in our travels.  Sunday it went downhill.  Temps were high enough in the morning to not wear winter coats. (YIPPEE!) But it started to drizzle, blow like crazy and the temperatures went down.  What, 40 was the high??? Luckily we didn't have any errands to do so I didn't freeze.  Today it's suppose to be slightly above freezing.  So, melt, snow, melt.  Of course melting snow looks awful!  Can't have everything can we! 
I got some quilt blocks made to send a friend who has lost her two kitties.  I was happy to make up a couple of blocks and send them to her as she is making a quilt for her DH who really is missing the cats.  The hardest part was finding some grid paper to draft a 9" block!  I used Encyclopedia of Quilts to get the block ideas and then drew them out on grid paper to figure out what size units I would need.  Nothing hard but I think they look cute. 
I need to get up to the studio to continue on my other projects.  And, heaven knows I have lots of them!  I am ready to quilt the borders of the blue, green and beige but haven't decided what I want to do except it needs to be easy!  

Happy Quilting All.  Bonnie 


  1. Hi Bonne,

    I just found you blog and am enjoying the quilt block pics. Oh, and I love Mexican food! LOL. The advantage to living in South Texas is that I can get all the good Mexican food I want.....the calorie count is the only problem!


  2. I have both of those cat fabrics. In fact, the black/white/brown one just showed up in some crumb blocks I'm making.


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