Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday's Class

WooWee!  Saturday's class from Sharon Schamber was great.
   Lots of fun, an interesting technique.  Nothing like a good class to fire me up!  
Here's some eye candy from the class.
First you paste fabric samples.  After cutting out and ironing the fabric you do some gluing.  Basically all the pieces are glued before you sew.  Then sewing should be super easy and quick.  I had a gluing issue and will have to reglue parts of mine.  But, come Monday I will get my block glued again and sewn.  Here are several glued blocks. 
Time to have breakfast and get on to today's class.  Freehand feathers !  More eye candy in the next post.  

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 

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  1. Bonnie, Your blocks are stunning. I will have to learn about this gluing process since it seems very interesting. What it the type of glue that you are using?


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