Monday, February 2, 2009

Heart Top Done

With Valentine's Day closing in, it is time to retire Mr. Snowman.  He was a round robin finished in 1998.  He was started in February, 1996 to commemorate the Blizzard of '96.  29" of snow fell beginning on January 7th. This round robin was organized on Prodigy -- if I remember correctly.  

Now a word from our sponsor -- labels.  "Yes, ma'am.  Don't you love that you remember all that snowy detail?  The only reason you do is that great label you made for Mr. Snowman.  And, everyone who worked on it added a comment  telling you what part they did.  And, smart you, you even mentioned it hung in the Faithful Circle Quilters' show.  So when doing labels think about adding more detail -- wasn't it nice to have all that info on this one!!"

Yes, yes.  It is better to have more details. 


I guess I will try to do better than name, date, maker and recipient in the future! 

Here is the finished top for the Mystery Hearts.  I LOVE it.  I have had the heart border for ages and haven't wanted to cut into it for anything.  But it just sings with this quilt.  And, remember this is a "free" quilt.  Everything came from stash.  And, I am hoping the batting will be a bit from used batts rather than cutting into a piece I have recently bought.  Now, do I want to add some beading to it??? 

I have goofed off on the computer way too long so will end now.  I'm thinking of the label I should make for this.  And, when Mr. Snowman comes down I'll try to add a pic of the label. The quilt was really called Baby It's Cold Out Here.  

Stay tuned for more quilting adventures! Bonnie 


  1. Labels......ahhh, yes, one of my down falls. Maybe that should be my New Years Resolution! Beautiful hearts.

  2. love the heart quilt. I love red and hearts.. thanks for sharing


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