Saturday, February 7, 2009

Carousel Horse

Here it is the completely finished Carousel Quilt.  It was given to Project Linus today at a Blanket Day.  I've never been to a BD before. Wow, lots of people and lots of different blankets. There were fleece, knit, crochet and quilted blankets.  This group donates 150 to 200 blankets a month.  The bad part for me is that the location of the BD was about an hour away in New York! Yikes. Pat drove me up and the usual weird directions spewed out of our gps. We got to see quite a bit of the countryside. I will probably not go very often although there were lots of stores up there and it is about 20 minutes from a quilt store I went to this fall.  Hum... maybe paired with a shopping trip.  

Here is a close up of the quilting on this one.  I used a polyester batt that was some what puffy. For speed of quilting I used a zigzag stitch that had several stitches in each of the zigzag. (I wish I knew the name of the stitch it would be so much easier!)  I also was able to lengthen the stitch which makes it work pretty well for quilting.  The other thing I did differently was sew the binding on the back by machine.  Then turned it and sewed it by machine.  Way faster than by hand.  

On our way home we took a different rural route.  We went through Milford, PA and had lunch at the Waterwheel Cafe. Yummy!  Also went to the county library and got cards.  I'm hoping they have different audio books online than the library we use in Wayne County.  Evidently we are as far west in Pike county as anyone can get! Figures.  I sure miss the Howard County Library!  

Happy Quilting All.  Bonnie 

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