Friday, February 6, 2009

Check Out the Cool Glass!

I admit it, I love Mexican food.  Enchilladas, burritos, tamales... I enjoy most of it.  I like fajitas but it seems to me that might have been made for American tastes.  So, last night after I picked up Pat from leaving the car to be serviced we went to a Mexican restaurant.  Chips and salsa were good.  Salsa was nicely spicey.  And, I succumbed to a margarita. 

Now it wasn't that the margarita was so great.  Honest, I wouldn't really know if it was or wasn't I haven't had one for years.  But how cool is this glass?  And, yes, boys and girls, it was glass.  Jen -- don't you (or Kevin) have some plastic glasses similar to this?  You need to make a pitcher of margaritas to enjoy the glasses!  

The food was ok.  Not half as good as what we had in Clearwater, Florida.  But definitely made us feel like we had Mexican.  (Can you say refried beans?? LOL) I brought my left over tamale home for lunch (with more rice and refried beans...) so I will have a bit more Mexican today. 

Good news, I vacuumed the stairs. Brian, you may have been the last to do that as in September.  I'm going to drag the big vacuum down to do the area rugs and then it is sewing. I'm going to finish the quilting on the Nickel Mystery and then look at the dogs for a bit. I think I need to do some more 6" blocks so I don't have to fill too much.  That's enough for today. We still have to pick up the other car.  And, try to find an open car wash to remove dirt and crud from my car.  If we didn't have a back windshield washer I wouldn't be able to see at all!  

Happy Quilting All!  Bonnie 

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