Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quilting with a Long Arm

Today Jen quilted a huge baby quilt.  (Remember this pic?) She used my machine to do free motion quilting.  I was working on a string pieced quilt on hers.  Then at 5 pm we took a lesson on using a APQS long arm machine, the Lenni Model.  Julia rents her machine through her business Special Occasion Quilts.  I brought down a small streak of lightening quilt top.  In a little over 2 hours we were able to learn how to use the machine, load our little quilt and practice quilting on it.  I will take it home, add the binding and it will be my project linus quilt for the month.  
We both seem to be very focused on what the machine is doing. 
We tried a bunch of different patterns.  So, from a quilting point of view it is a hodgepodge.  Surprisingly enough some of the quilting looks great.  I imagine it is because we both do free motion quilting on our domestic sewing machines.  I wish I could find someone up near me who rents a long arm. 

I am heading backing to PA tomorrow and may stop at one or two of the Amish fabric stores on the way home.  I've had a great time but I am definitely ready to get back to my own house and closet... I am tired of living out of a suitcase.  

Happy quilting all!  Bonnie 

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