Monday, February 2, 2009

Squirrel 1; Bonnie 0

It was a day to forget ... at least the middle of the day.  Take a look at the back of our house.  Notice the two lovely porches.  Notice on the left one there are no stairs down.  There is a french door going from the great room to the porch. The right side porch actually has steps down and it really isn't all that far down to the ground. Not so on the left side.  It's about 6' in the middle to the ground.  Now that I've set the scene let me tell you about MY day.  

I was in the kitchen reading stuff on the computer and heard a noise from the porch.  The squirrels have been visiting the porch and trying to get to the bird feeder.  So, I looked out the window and found this culprit.  I knocked on the window and he didn't flinch.  He jumped up on the bird feeder and proceeded to gnaw on the metal hoping to be able to get to the seeds.  

I was irritated.  I went flying out the door to the porch, slamming the door behind me. I yelled at the squirrel which finally convinced him he should exit the feeder, NOW.  I turned to go back in the house. OH MY GOODNESS!  I was locked out on the porch.  Pat and I had locked ourselves out in the summer.  He dropped down and went into the garage, got a key and was able to let me in.  I thought, I can do that.  So being smart, or so I thought, I dropped one of the porch chairs down thinking I could reach it if I hung off the porch.    

Um, no.  The chair fell over and away from the house.  Now what?  There were almost no cars going by the side street.  It was 40º so I wasn't freezing but if I had to wait until Pat came home at 5:15 or so I'd be a popsicle.  We have a security guard that drives around the neighborhood. But I never saw him.  I did see Linda delivering the mail.  So, my plan was to try to flag her down.  Luckily she had her window down on her vehicle and heard me hollering and waving my hands.  It helped that I had on a red turtleneck!  Linda rescued me by getting the key out of the garage and opening the doors.  

All together I was probably outside for only 45 minutes to an hour.  And, I thank my wonderful postal employee!  My day did get better after that.  I finished quilting the carousel quilt.  I need the whole thing done before Saturday so I can take it to the Project Linus blanket day. 

So honey, that was my day, how was yours?  Pat laughed his head off.  We now have a way to get back in the house if we lock ourselves outside again.  

Happy quilting all!  Bonnie 


  1. HAHAHA!!! This is FANTASTIC! Nice work! ;)

  2. Well that made me laugh...and I think your squirrel is very cute but then we don't have them here in Oz.

  3. Uh-oh! I guess you're lucky it wasn't *too* cold out. It could have been much worse!


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