Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Fast Finish

Snoopy Dancing all over the house. I finished a quilt in less than 2 weeks. Woowee! This was a mystery quilt at Mysteries for Relay. I took the giant hint that it would look good in two main colors (such as red and white.) I had planned to use a red that I had used for the backing of another quilt but I found enough odd pieces of different reds to not really use much of the yardage. (Well, I did use if for the back!) I also used several different white on whites including some little vw bugs white on white.  I've had that fabric for a long time and have never figured out what quilt to put it.  But my thought process was, VW Bug, the Love Bug, Valentine's Day Quilt.  I only used a strip of it 2.5" but it is a start.  This entire quilt came from my stash.  Nothing was purchased for it.  Another accomplishment! 

I did this wall hanging completely by machine including both sides of the binding.  I stitched the binding on the back side and then turned it to the front. Stitching as close to the fold of the binding I carefully maneuvered it under the machine.  At the corners I sewed down the folds.  I was extremely pleased with how it turned out.  I probably wouldn't do this technique on a quilt I wanted to give away or enter in a show but for a fast little wall hanging that will probably only be hung during February -- machine stitching the binding down made sense.  And, you know I am tickled pink to have it done so fast! 

We have had 5 days of nice weather here -- that means above freezing temperatures both days and nights.  I was in for a surprise when I looked out over the back yard. (No, there is no "yard" there but what else do you call it? The back rocks?)  Anyway, I found ferns growing up in a profusion of green.  Moss (lichen?) was greening up.  It looked like spring was coming on fast. 
Don't get too excited.  For the last 2 days it's been back in the teens at night and barely over 30 in the day.  The green has died off completely and winter is back with us.  Sigh.  It was a nice thought. 

Happy Quilting All.  Bonnie 


  1. Bonnie, I love your binding trick! I am not too good at sewing the corners and like how you did yours. I may have to give that a try on a two quilts that I need to finish this week.

    Keep up the great work!!


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