Thursday, February 5, 2009

A New UFO Project

Yesterday I said I should pull a UFO out to finish.  So as I was putzing around in the studio I noticed a dog block hanging around ... Ah Ha!  I had been in a dog block swap sometime ago.  Had to be '99 or later as someone had paper pieced something and it had a 99 copyright date.  So here are some of the blocks.  Doesn't he look cute?   The dog with the bone was done by Moira McSpadden. 

The little Scottie was paper pieced by Linda Becker. 

The dogs blocks are units of 3" finished. The above dog is 9" square while the two paper pieced dogs are 6".  And I have a 12" block too.  

The challenge will be to get them together.  I will have to put some sashing in and maybe I'll make some paw prints or other "dog" things.  

This guy was a paper pieced design by Moira but sewn by Joyce Corbin.  

I have no idea which group did this swap.  I guess I should write down some information when I start things so I can remember them later!  Will keep you posted on how these guys go together.  

Faithful Circle Quilters Alumnae is another group I am in.  We are all former residents of Maryland who were (and some are) members of FCQ.  We each have an assigned time period. (I'm Mar - April.)  We then tell the other members what we want them to make for us.  I'm still debating what I am going to want.  I write little notes to myself when I come up with an idea. Eventually I'll decide.  

The first package is for spring flowers.  I am going to do an applique wreath.  And, I'm making the flowers 3 dimensional with beading. (Am I crazy or what???)  I need 20 more flowers.  I figure it will be good hand work in the evenings.  (Do I need more hand work in the evenings!?)  Anyway I have 23 more days to get it done.  So I will work a bit each day on it and it will be done!  Quit laughing... it will be done, honest! 

Happy Quilting All.   Bonnie


  1. Awwww. These dogs are so cute!

    I've started gathering all my stray blocks into one big Rubbermaid container. When I feel like making a top, I go to BOB (box of blocks) and pull out a set. I keep all my old swap blocks are in there too.

  2. Quilty Bird: What a good idea. Mine seem to live in too many places. B.


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