Monday, February 16, 2009

More Valentine's Day Doings

Pat and I were down in Maryland for a quick visit. (we were there for less than 24 hours.)  While there we attended this: (fourth down -- Jenny Lang - Horn!) Jenny has one more recital and her defense until she earns her Doctor of Musical Arts.  Hum, another Dr. J in the making.  Saturday's recital was all 20th century women composers for the French Horn. Wow some really avant guard stuff.  I particularly liked a piece with 2 horns and piano. Wonderful sounds, interesting timing... great energetic piece. (Jen, I tried to remember what you said that piece had...  not much memory except those two and the one thing you don't want me to remember!!!)  You really can't hum any of the tunes when she's done but the toes were really tapping with her pieces.  Ask me quilting questions -- no problem.  But doctoral level music responses -- it just ain't there folks!  But I do enjoy listening to the pieces. 

Last Wednesday I sent out 5 Valentine postcards.  As I drove away from the post office I was ready to
 smack myself!  I hadn't taken any pictures of them.  So, while visiting Jenny and Brian, I snapped this picture of theirs.

Then Friday I made sugar cookies and packaged them up to look special. (Hey, they were special!) 
Everyone had a package of sugar cookies -- except me!  Rats.  Pat shared some of his with me. What a sweetie! 

I've had a couple of phone calls, emails and finally at almost 2:00 pm I am ready to get things going today.  I have a block I need to finish so I can applique it.  And, I am designing a block based on a picture I took on vacation.  Tomorrow is car stuff and groceries.  Things are always hopping -- but not pressure filled which is really nice. 
Happy quilting all!  Bonnie 

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