Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Valentine Postcards

My buddy Polly in Maryland grab all three postcards I sent to my stamping buddies and took pictures.  Here are two of them. 

(Yes, I do rubber stamping also.  We -5 of us altogether - used to get together monthly to make cards, books, notepads, gift tags.  For several years we were all very creative.  And, finally we burned out or ran out of time.  Plus, it's hard to use all the things.  Of course, now I need to replenish my stock of cards. ) 

For some reason the other picture won't upload so I will hold on to that one for another day.  

Back to packing for the trip to Maryland tomorrow.  Hopefully the snowy weather will be minor cause I am going no matter what! 

Happy quilting all!   Bonnie 

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