Thursday, February 19, 2009

Road Trip

Today I get ready to go on a quilting road trip.  I am heading to Maryland to take a couple of classes with  Sharon Schamber.   Saturday's class is New York Beauty.  I am hoping to get at least two blocks made in class.  Don't know how many I would like to get done at home... ie, is this a learning experience or a project experience.  (And, yes, it can be both.)  Sunday's class is quilting on a domestic sewing  machine.  

The biggest challenge is to make sure I have every thing needed.  There are some things I am just not getting or bringing.  For instance, I really don't need my iron.  Most class locations can't handle 20 irons turned on and 20 sewing machines. I am staying several more days to spend sewing time with Jenny.  Which quilt will I work on?  Do I start a new one or finish an old one?  

The last thing I am doing is taking a lesson on a long arm sewing machine.  (Jen is getting lessons too as she lives pretty close to the lady who rents out her long arm.)  Note to self. Put in a finished top that can be quilted by an inexperienced quilter. 

It is going to be a busy day and a fun-filled week.  I'm just happy that there isn't a big snow storm coming our way.  Knock on wood.  Darn, where's some wood when I need it?

Keep tuned for packing, traveling and sewing with Institches with Bonnie. 

Happy quilting all.  Bonnie

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  1. Sounds like fun....have a great trip.

    At work, Heritage Quilter


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